Link2Launch is the bridge to the companies with the technologies and capabilities to launch your product.

Link2Launch is partnered with RMS Inc., which provides us with a broader range of companies to support your needs in product development.

Link2Launch has the potential to connect you to a wide variety of other technologies and solutions. 

Come to us at any stage or maturity of the development you are in and we can make that connection to the companies directly.

At the end of this stage, you will have supplier partner(s) that helped you get your product to market, and L2L as a partner for all your future needs. 


– Steps: How we build the network that brings you to success. 

Develop partner relationships: we help you find:
        – Who will help me get this product to market?
            – We introduce and connect you to companies that best fit your needs.
            – We coordinate the necessary NDAs and agreements with your partners.
            – We make the transition to working with your new partners as smooth as possible. 
Oversee Management: we help you collaborate with:
        – Who will make sure your project succeeds?
            – We stay involved with your process from start to finish.
                – We provide program updates and facilitate communication between you and your partners.
                – We help resolve any issues that may arise along the way.
                – We keep you on track of your milestones.
                – We review on-going options if you have any changes of plan.  
Manage Lifecycle: we are the solution to:
        – Who will support me for the duration of my product’s lifecycle?
            – Our partners ensure you’re covered, including providing safety stock at your product’s End of Life.
            – We provide solutions for the next versions of your product.
            – We can give you options to help you keep your product’s costs down.