Link2Launch connects you to companies
with the technologies and capabilities
to launch your product.

Regardless of the stage of development,  Link2Launch can bring your product to the next level with connections to our network of experienced manufacturers.

We are experienced at finding the right supplier partner(s) to get your product to market, and providing support throughout the product lifecycle.

How we build the network that brings you success:

Develop partner relationships

Link2Launch can introduce you to manufacturers that best fit your needs. We take the guesswork out of finding appropriate technologies and make the transition to working with your new partners as smooth as possible.

Utilize RMS Manufacturers' Representatives' preexisting network

Link2Launch is closely partnered with RMS, Inc., a manufacturers’ representative company with an exciting array of technology and product development service company partners.

Coordinate NDAs

We are committed to the security of your proprietary idea. Link2Launch will coordinate necessary NDAs and agreements with partners.

Oversee Management

Link2Launch will stay involved with your process from start to finish. We help you navigate issues that may arise to make sure that your project stays on track.

Facilitate communication

Communication is vital to the success of any project. We facilitate communication between you and your partners so all parties work towards a common goal.

Track milestones & program updates

Link2Launch strives to provide transparency during all phases of product development. We provide regular program updates so you can track your program’s progress.

Adapt to changes in plan

Change is inevitable. We help you navigate uncertainty with thorough planning and contingency options.

Manage Lifecycle

There’s more to product development than just getting something to market. Link2Launch is fully capable of supporting your product through the later program stages.

Provide options for safety stock

Our partners ensure you’re covered, including providing safety stock at your product’s End-of-Life.

Support with versioning

Success is proactive. Link2Launch can provide solutions for the next versions of your product.

Cope with fluctuating supply chain costs

Through our connections with partner companies, we can give you options to help you keep your product’s costs down.