After a concept is clearly defined, we can help you explore a
broad array of solutions through prototyping.

You may have a perfectly documented plan, but ultimately stakeholders and investors want to see that your concept can be actualized. This is your ‘proof of concept’.

Getting a physical model or working example of your idea into your customers hands is key to both winning them over quickly and learning what they truly are looking for.

At Link2Launch, our goal is to quickly provide you with those physical proof of concepts.

At the end of this stage, you will have evaluated design solutions and developed your proof of concept.

How we take your plan of action to a Proof of Concept:


Technology Evaluation: We help you investigate:

1. What’s out there to create your product?

– We have access to companies with unique technologies, so we can demonstrate the newest design options and expand your toolbox


Design:  We help you identify:

1. Who will be your design partners?

2. Are there multiple design options that meet your requirements

– L2L will help you identify, evaluate and weigh your various design solutions.


Proof of Concept: We help you decide:

1. How can we create a Proof of Concept?

– Using our internal capabilities and partner companies’ unique technologies, we will provide physical or virtual models of your product that can be shown to investors and stakeholders.


Proof of concept focuses on development or creation of a working example of the technology required by your product idea.

A prototype embodies the more complete development of your idea and more clearly encompasses and demonstrates the idea of the concept for you and your customer.

Link2Launch and its partner companies have the capability to provide these perfect concepts and prototypes that you need.