"A product well defined is half designed." - Jeff Malec, L2L Founder

    Creating a plan of action takes a ton of groundwork before you can even get started.
We help simplify the process of making a plan of action so that it’s more accessible and more persuasive.
We will carefully listen to your product concept and can then create a succinct list of requirements, specifications, and targets needed before taking the next step.
At the end of this stage, you will be able to clearly define your project parameters to your potential customers and stakeholders.

 Steps: How we take your idea to a plan of action.

Summarize: We help you define:

       1. What does your product do? (Statement of work)

2. What makes your product stand out? (Differentiators) 

3. What is your target market?

Product Definition: We help you clarify:

1. What features do you want your product to include? (Requirements)            – Lighting, haptics, touch capability, etc

2. What parameters / limitations does your product function under (Specification).    – requires water immunity, weatherproofing, international voltage capability, etc

3. What will you provide the customer? (Deliverables)

- Project Parameters: We help you determine:

        – 1. How much will your project cost? (Costs)   – Product cost, production volumes, etc

        – 2. When do you want your project completed? (Schedule)    Milestones such as prototypes, production, etc

        – 3. What do you need to get it done? (Resources)  – People, things, companies, facilities

        – 4. What can get in the way of success? (Risks, assumptions, constraints)


This clear definition opens the door to more options for partner companies to help in the development and realization of your product.

This product requirement process inevitably leads to even more insight into other applications, customers, and variations of the original focused product idea.