A product well defined is half designed.
Link2Launch clarifies scope and requirements
necessary for a successful product launch.

A well defined product plan can save time and money at later stages of production.
We will carefully listen to your product concept and create a succinct list of requirements, specifications, and targets needed before taking the next step.
As a result, you will be able to clearly define your project parameters to your potential customers and stakeholders.

Link2Launch helps you define:

Statement of Work

A document outlining the scope of the project, based on research into markets, production, and more. With a thoroughly written statement of work, projects have a greater chance of proceeding smoothly.


What makes your product stand out from the rest? Understanding differentiators provides focus for future decisions about product features.

Target Market

In what market does your product stand the best chance for success? Careful market research is necessary to position your product for success.

Requirements & Specifications

Outlining features, limitations, and deliverables in detail is crucial at the planning stage. With our experience in project management, we know how important it is to get the specifics in writing so all parties can work efficiently towards the same goal.


Well-defined parameters provide an objective basis for measuring project completion. We can help create a realistic summary of parameters to follow as your project develops.

Costs & Resources

How much will your project cost? Unforeseen costs can quickly add up and halt a project if not considered from the outset.


What is a feasible timeline to production? Managing prototyping, investment, and production milestones keeps the momentum going.

Risks & Assumptions

What might hinder project success? There’s no alternative to experience when it comes to recognizing risks, assumtions, and constraints ahead of time.