Combining your product definition
with knowledge of available technologies,
Link2Launch designs concepts to meet your needs.

Link2Launch offers a variety of design services for realizing your product’s potential. We explore multiple options based on available technologies and manufacturability.

After deciding on a design direction, we work with you to create a proof of concept, actualized as physical and/or virtual product models.

How we develop your product idea:

Technology evaluation

We design with manufacturability in mind. After thorough evaluation of a product concept, Link2Launch presents options for various technologies that can turn the concept into reality.

Expand your toolbox

Through Link2Launch’s partnership with RMS, Inc., a manufacturers’ representative company, we are able to expand your technology toolbox with access to unique, differentiating technologies.

Provide demonstrations of possible technologies

Seeing (and experiencing) is believing. Link2Launch demonstrates and provides samples of prospective technology solutions.

Develop concepts

Link2Launch will prepare various design solutions based on available technologies and manufacturing processes. We provide plentiful sketches and documentation throughout the design process.

Create proof of concept

There are few things in the product development pipeline more exciting than a completed proof of concept. Beyond documentation, Link2Launch creates physical/virtual models of the product concept, either in-house or through collaboration with partner companies.

Physical models

Whenever possible, Link2Launch strives to create physical prototypes. Nothing is more efficient at communicating a concept to those who matter most to a project.

Virtual models (3D CAD & UI design)

Virtual models are the next best thing to physical prototypes. We work with you to quickly create design options to fit your needs.

Support services offered in-house or via design partners: